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Why do regular doctors know NOTHING about eating disorders. It pisses me off.

I was diagnosed with ED-NOS a couple years ago, and since I have been struggling lately, I went to my doctor to get a referral to a nutritionist. Needless to say, she was no help.

She kept asking what my eating disorder was. I told her I was diagnosed with ED-NOS and she responded, "well if you are going to see a nutritionist for an eating disorder, you are going to have to tell her what your exact eating disorder is". As if I was lying to her, and ED-NOS didn't exist!!!

I have gained weight in the past year and my bmi has went to 24, she checked her chart and told me I was on the fence of overweight, so I didn't qualify as anorexic. She asked me how often I exercised and stressed how often I needed to exercise to mantain a healthy bmi.

She then told me she was new to the area and couldn't recommend a nutritionist, I must call around myself.

I left the doctors office more triggered then when I came in.

and on a different note:
Does anyone else have difficultly with being weighed by the nurse when you go in for a check-up? It is so triggering to me.

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