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research questions

howdy all. i have access to a rather large data set and free reign to propose my own research questions. i was wondering what some of you want to know about eating disorders and related aspects. below are listed all the subsets of information i have access to. based on these, what would you like to know?

- demographic data (age, sex, location, income, sexual preference, ethnicity, etc.)
- height/weight
- current and former occupations
- psychiatric diagnoses, medication, treatment
- eating attitudes/disordered eating
- body dissatisfaction
- aging concerns
- self esteem
- depression
- perfectionism
- savoring (i.e., the ability to enjoy things)
- openness to self-altering experiences (sort of like creativity)
- altruism
- pressure to be thin
- life and traumatic stress
- boundaries between self and others

for example, i might want to know if people who have experienced traumatic events (such as rape, assault, natural disasters) who also perfectionistic are more prone to disordered eating than people who just feel a lot of pressure to be thin. basically, you can pick and choose which of these factors you want to examine in relation to each other. i just wanted to get an idea about the questions you all had about these things.

the wonderful thing about this sample is that we have a large number of responders ranging from age 18 to 90+, male and female, from all over the world (although mostly from the US). it really is a great opportunity to examine some of these things from previously unexplored perspectives.

so... what would you all like to know? and why?

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