Charlie. (ohdarling__x) wrote in ed_ucate,

Portrayal of ED's in the Media.

Hey everyone,

Couple of discussion type questions for you all.. linked to the new programme 'Skins' on E4. [I don't know if any of you have E4 or have seen it but there is a website for it here. ]

One of the characters - Cassie - is described as "An anorexic, self-harming, drug addict with zero self esteem. We never know whether Cassie will die or heroically rise from the ashes but we love her. She's magic."

I saw it last night, don't think it's really far enough into the series to give a proper view on her character. However, it seems like they're trying to make it as realistic a portrayal as possible.

& questions:

What do you think about the portrayal of people with ED's in things like TV programmes/Films/Books?
Is it a good way to raise awareness?
Have any films/books/tv you've seen been particularly accurate or inaccurate?

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