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Tyra Banks // Media and Eating Disorders

I don't know how much this applies here, let me know and I will take this post off.

It's always nice to see a woman in the media accepting herself for who she is. It is ridiculious the pressures we put on celebrities. Averege weight= "too fat" very skinny= Anorexic

Why do we care so much? Now, I don't think the media is to blame for eating disorders. I think all the problems you see in "hollywood" are just a reflection of the insecurities and problems in ourselves. It is just another victim of our obsession with perfection, our obsession with food. The media is an idolized expression of what we want to be. So whenever a celebrity get's too thin or too thick, we tear them down. It's easier to look at an unflattering picture of Tyra Banks and make fun of it, or yell at Nicole Riche to eat a burger, then it is too face our own body image problems.

Now, I am a little biased here, as I am an aspiring actress and living out here in Hollywood, I feel the pressure. I am trying to recover from an eating disorder in a place where weight matters. I can easily understand how people can crack under this and develop an eating disorder. I always find it refreshing for someone in the public eye to say "look, this is the way I am. And it's O.k."

Tyra Banks youtube video clips over here:


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