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New Scientist - Born to be thin - magazine excerpt - Feb 2

New Scientist magazine was featured in the Toronto Star today. I thought you guys would find this interesting.

Sorry if there are typos.

Born under a bad sign. "There is firm evidence that the time of year you are born affects not just your personality, but also your health, specifically your chances of developing serious mental illness," writes Alison Motluk.

One of the many alarming statistics she cites: People in the northern hemisphere (that's us) who have anorexia "are 13 per cent more likely to have been born between April and June than in other months."

Now, before you start scrutinizing your newborn, consider researcher Beth Watkins' view.

Since anorexics are eight times as likely to have a parent or sibling with that disorder, she discovered that "babies born in the months most strongly linked to anorexia were conceived in July to September," the northern hemisphere's warmest months.

"Could the higher temperature allow an anorexic mother to conserve just enough energy to tip her into a fertile state?"

Researches "do not, however, see their work as a predictive tool, and certainly don't want to scare would-be mothers into altering their family planning."

The resassuring fact is, the vast majority of spring babies do not develop eating disorders.

Are you born between April - June and do you have anorexia? What about those not born in between these months with anorexia - what do you think of the article?

I personally think this article is kind of pseudo-science, but an interesting perspective to consider.

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