roro (girlwithwheels) wrote in ed_ucate,

Residential treatment (specifically renfrew PA)

I have a question about Renfrew, PA.

I'm supposed to start residential treatment for bulimia sometime either late this week or next week. I was wondering if anyone who has stayed there could give me some stories about their experiences. In terms of the other patients there (ages, friendliness, anything), the staff (helpfulness, quantity, etc.), the food, the activities, the duration of treatment, what you did during free time - anything at all. The website isn't very specific. Actually, if you've been in residential treatment, not necessarily at Renfrew PA, I'd love to hear about it! Maybe what a typical day is like, from a previous resident's point of view... whatever you have to offer! I want to know what I should be expecting.

I did search the memories and understand that this question has indeed been posed before (here), but this was over a year and a half ago. I want to see if there are any new opinions/experiences since then!

If this question is redundant or inappropriate, please delete! Thank you in advance.

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