Chelsea Rae (secreteggshells) wrote in ed_ucate,
Chelsea Rae

Nutrisystem Commercials (rant)

How many of yall have seen the Nutrisystem commercials? (if you are unfamiliar with the diet or so confused because there are A TON of diet commercials that come on DAILY it is the one that has a certain nutrisystem 'brand' food you buy. You are supposed to eat their food and 'CAN HAVE CHOCOLATE EVERY DAY!' the commercials are usually plain with white backgrounds and people exclaiming how good it works). But I am enraged about what they have these people say. In the more woman oriented version one of the people say 'now that I've lost the weight my husband says/thinks I'm hot', in the more man oriented commercial one guy says 'now that I've lost the weight my wife says shes not as disgusted with me anymore'. DISGUSTED. I'm afraid that these kind of messages are putting SO much emphasis on looks, specifically weight. Associating weight with good looks and good looks with (more or less) love and approval of the opposite sex. Implying that even those who love you will be dissatisfied with you unless your body has a certain shape/size.

How is this kind of message effecting our younger brothers/sisters/cousins, what about our children to come? What about US? Our generation(s).

This is more or less of a rant. Perhaps some discussion can stem from it.

Here is a discussion question- Have any of you emailed/mailed/called a company/person who has released this sort of message to the media?

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