Uglynothingirl (uglynothingirl) wrote in ed_ucate,

In patient- not sick enough?

My friend, my best friend, whom I tell (most) everything. Well I tell him a lot. I'm relapsing lately, so I've been talking to him about it. He keeps repeating to me 'in-patient'. But I don't feel 'sick' enough. I'm overweight (and I know that you don't have to be underweight to be in danger, but still...), I'm not purging a lot (about daily, to twice a day- that's the most I ever purge), yeah I do feel some effects... But they aren't life threatening. He keeps telling me why wait until you are in real trouble to get real help? But I just feel I'd stick out like a sore thumb. Like everyone would think- "Why is she here?". I know being bulimic for going on 4 years can't be good to my body, and I want to get better. But I feel I can't, so lately I've just been giving up. I've been trying for 8 months and I do good then back track then do good, and right now I just want to give up for a bit.

Is there a certain 'sickness' you have to reach to be able to go in-patient? Have any of you felt this way? Have any of you experianced going in-patient while not being horribly off? Anything else?

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