Anna (anahurricane) wrote in ed_ucate,

my mom brought up something today that intrigued me.

Mom suffers from fibromialgia. my grandma recently suggested that she try a glueten-free diet because she thinks my mom may be suffering from celiac disease. ( for more info.) my mom has been researching it and talking to a few people she knows who have been diagnosed with celiac. i'm not sure where she heard/found information stating that celiac disease can cause an eating disorder. she also knows someone personally who suffered from anorexia, but then was diagnosed with celiac. after going on the reccommended diet, she experienced no eating disordered symptoms.

i looked it up, and the only information i could find stated that celiac can be mis-diagnosed as an eating disorder.

my question is: have any of you ever heard of this or had experience with celiac disease? i'm just curious, because my mom thinks i may have it too. has your eating disorder ever been attributed to celiac?

thanks :)

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