upurbum (paki_tabz) wrote in ed_ucate,

This is kind of a really random question, but I can't find anything to do with it anywhere, and since it's weight related I was hoping that maybe someone on here would have an idea? 

My BMI is about 20 right now, so I'm still getting my period on a regular basis. My BMI used to be 31, which put me in the obese category, thing is, back then, my period's never really hurt me much, and they didn't affect my daily life. As I lost weight, I realised that I got much stronger period pains than I used to before, and now they really drain me, my energy gets really low. All of my friends, who had(and still have) healthy BMIs have always suffered from really bad period pains, but all the ladies that I know who have a BMI of over 26 have told me that they don't get period pains, and even if they do, it's a really dull ache that goes away after an asprin.
I was wondering if there's a possible link between BMI and how much your period hurts?
There probably isn't a connection, and it's just coincidence that all the people that I know follow this pattern, but it was just a random thought that came in to my head, so I thought I'd ask :)


(sorry if it's not worded very well, its 1:45am, and even though I'm very tired, I can't sleep..)

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