Chelsea Rae (secreteggshells) wrote in ed_ucate,
Chelsea Rae

I know I just updated but- Apple Cider Vinegar

So, between my OCE and Bulimia I had a time where I barely ate, exercised a nice bit, purged after normal meals, and religiously drank apple cider vinegar. Foul stuff, I do not recommend it. The stinch gives me a headache. I'd take a 'shot' of it, with in seconds be on my bed in the fetal position with a stomach ache (I think this is mostly because of my stomach problems). I've recently been thinking about how I want to start drinking it again. To help me stop my binge habits, which in turn will help me stop purging. By chance my parents bought a big thing of the stuff to give to our constipated dying goats (perhaps it will get my bowls moving properly again too?). I read on a website about it, a bit back, apparently it's really healthy stuff.

Anyway- Has anyone else ever drank this stuff? If so, did it hurt your stomach? I just made a mixture, its about a cup of liquid total. 2/3rds apple cider vinegar, one third milk. With some cinnamon and vanilla flavoring. I'm afraid to drink it. Also, has anyone tried something odd like this in attempts to help aid recovery?

I just realized I'm going to have to refrigerate it due to the milk. Perhaps I could stuff it in the fridge, make a nice frosty treat... I've yet to try it, perhaps I should. Perhaps I should take some orejel... After numbing my tongue with ice...

OMFG. I'm literally going to throw up I think. Note: DO NOT DO TRY THIS AT HOME. The orajel didn't help much. The extra stuff made it taste better, it burned going down. HOW DID I EVER DRINK THIS CRAP! My questions still stand out of curiosity though. I'm going to have to find something better to do... Green Tea upons vast amounts of gum when I feel like binging? :\

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