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I'm currently recovering from anorexia nervosa; I was diagnosed when I was 14, & I'll be 21 in October. I've been seeing my current therapist for just over two years, & she has helped me immensely. We 'click' in a way I was determined to prevent (I was sick of therapy, sick of recovery, sick of being sick), & I keep no secrets from her. One of the root causes of my eating disorder was three years of severe sexual abuse, so our relationship - needless to say - is very intimate in the sense that we have to discuss incredibly personal & traumatic things.

My purpose in briefly describing our relationships is to preface my question:
Have you ever asked your therapist if she/he has suffered from an eating disorder?
If yes, how did you go about this, & what was their response. How did their response affect you & your relationship.
If no, why not? Do you wish you could? What stops you?

I am curious to know whether my therapist has had an eating disorder (or experienced abuse, for that matter), but I'm acutely away of therapeutic boundaries that I don't want to cross. I just find it so hard to fathom how well she understands me, if she has never had first hand experience. I can't put my finger on what stops me asking her.

I could write for hours. I'll stop now.
Thanks in advance everyone.
Katie x

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