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I thought of asking this after reading Erinstotle's post. It's a question I've been looking for solutions for for a long time.

I have very severe GERD (according to my doctor, what I have is pretty severe). It's bad enough that it's basically fried my vocal cords - a big problem since I'm a singer. I lost my voice for several months (missing auditions for music programs and I'm now an English and music history major), could hardly talk for quite awhile, and the vocal problems have returned again as my reflux got worse again this year. I had it controlled with medication for the past year, but the meds had side effects and I stopped taking them (with the advice of my doctor, who said it was dangerous to take them as long as I did).

The ironic thing? I've never purged. Ever. I've restricted, I've overexercised, I was anorexic for years, but never purging - I had quite a case to convince my doctor that I'm not bulimic.

My grandmother (who was anorexic from teenagehood onwards) had the same problem as I did, and it eventually caused her to develop esophagial cancer, which she died of. Needless to say, the severity of my reflux greatly alarms my mother, who is trying to get me a doctor's appointment to see what they can do.

I have a few questions.
1. Has anybody else here had reflux problems if you never (or rarely) purged?
2. If you've been to a gastroenterologist to solve the problem, what do they do to you at the appointment? My family doctor seems to believe that they're going to make me swallow a camera and leave it there for 48 hours, which fascinates but terrifies me.
3. Are there any non-medical solutions (foods to avoid, things to eat more of, etc.) that have helped you with this? Any advice at all?
4. Has anybody else here experienced vocal problems due to reflux? Any other problems?

Thanks :)

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