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There is a french black metal band called Anorexia Nervosa. In their "new obscurantis order" album there is a song called "mother anorexia". It seems SO weird that a metal band did this kind of stuff that Im thinking that it must have some other meaning Im not getting... I mean, I dont think any of the band members suffers (suffered) from the illness plus metal and especially black metal is a very male targeted music...

1. Mother Anorexia

Inhale your own worst obssession
Forgive me mother
Inhale, forget the one you're waiting for
The adversary - accusation
The last fall is endless
Await the blade upon your tiny chest

I miss an existence I don't even know
My addiction
I've seen the universe in your eyes
I've seen the beauty that never dies

Mother Anorexia engraves my veins
There's blood and anger all under my nails

Mother Anorexia, my hope was fake
Mother Sephirah, they never existed
Mother Anorexia

I miss a sacrifice
No weakness, no instinct, no vileness
I've seen the angels prostitute
I've seen my loss so cute
I've seen the universe in your eyes
I've seen the beauty that never dies

I live in fear - I hate myself
Wanna make love with myself
While cutting deep inside my flesh

Shallow's your own worst deception
Betray me mother
Swallow and kill the one you believe you love
The way to your perfect immolation
The last fall is endless
Await my hand upon your offered breasts

Now your embrace the no one can take, the never, the always
A colder fear...
Poison's getting closer to me
So pure innocent child
Untouchable, virgin like
Not as dark as I thought it was

And if you want the album, download it here:


EDIT: a friend of mine (male and very cult about black metal music and scene) just told me that he thinks they got that name for the band and made that song just because the subjects sells quite well, especially among female emo-teens with the teenage-angst, not that any of them has ever been anoretic at all, so I guess I just want to know what you think about the lyrics?

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