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So I doubt that too many people in this community are as obsessed big of fans of Anti-Flag as I am, but I just came across their video for the song "This Is The End (For You My Friend)" on YouTube and was fairly surprised at what I saw.

Now for those of you who don't know who Anti-Flag is, they're a punk rock band whose music is overwhelmingly focused on political issues. However, the topic that they chose to focus this video on is that of eating disorders, dieting, and the beauty/health industries.

I find this video and its topic to be interesting for several reasons:

- First off, it's interesting to see an all-male group address a topic such as this. I think this indicates that the nation is starting to really take notice of eating disorders and to recognize their severity, and to recognize that many corporations are more than willing to exploit America's desire to be ever-thinner.

- The video also addresses the fact that boys/men too can and do suffer from anorexia as well... this is a fact that probably a lot of Americans don't even know about. However, I'm not too surprised to see it surfacing in this video because of a not often acknowledged yet fairly common expectation of punk/indie kid/scene kids to conform to some asthetic ideal of thinness. I've heard comments on several occasions along the likes of "Everyone knows scene/punk/indie kids aren't allowed to be fat".

So what are your thoughts? Any opinions or comments?

I liked the video simply for the fact that it was a topic that hit really close to home for me (and of course that it's Anti-Flag). I also appreciated that although they pointed out a stat about models and about how industries are profitting off of our obsession with thinness, they didn't say media + industry = eating disorder. They just give you a few stats and basically say that they feel that it's a load of bull that people care so much about superficialities... I guess this could tie back into their political focus (i.e. "Stop being so hung up on what others think and go change the world", etc).

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