Frances (snowberries) wrote in ed_ucate,

this is just a question about something someone said to me yesterday, and i was wondering if any of you could relate or have had similar things happen. i know it should be nothing and shouldn't be the kind of thing that sticks in my head, but it does, and i hate it.

yesterday i was at the funeral of a great uncle of mine, so i saw lots of old members of my family. i said hello to my great aunt, who didn't recognise me at first and i had to say who i was before she realised. this was weird because, although she's 91, her mind is completely all there, but was probably because i hadn't seen her for a couple of years and she didn't expect me to be there. anyway, at the hotel afterwards i was talking to her and we had a laugh about this, then she said something along the lines of "i'll make sure i recognise you next time, unless you get fat then i might not!". it wasn't said in a mean way AT ALL, but it just... i don't know, it did something to me and my boyfriend who was sitting next to me looked at me when she walked away and knew straight away that it bothered me. i know she wasn't saying i am fat, if anything i'm thinner than the last time i saw her, but... ugh, i don't know. it's so stupid. i just hate any mention of fat or weight at any time, even if it's just a general discussion.

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