elegantkitsch (elegantkitsch) wrote in ed_ucate,


Age: 21

Gender: Female

Height: 5'10

Weight: 123

BMI: 17.6

ED: ED-NOS? I am finicky about labels. Half the time, I don't pay attention to them. But apparently then that's the most appropriate.

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-diagnosed

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: I don't even know anymore, I barely go to them or pay attention enough to care. Lately what has been irritating me is how I get this perception that people are posting to get attention, to have strangers validate how sick they are in applause, etc. I know it's not necessarily true, and a lot of these people are messed up in the head to the point that they don't realize how messed up their thoughts are, but the impression still leaves me feeling like everyone is willing to talk about themselves and at the same time not ask any insightful questions. I like debate, I like thought and hearing others' opinions on meaningful topics. I find that lacking all over lj, not just the ED comms.

How I found my way here: I'm sure I saw someone on my friends page referring to it (maybe lettucepussy? probably.)

Questions/comments/concerns: 1) I posted once without putting in an app - so I wanted to apologize for that, cos I really wasn't thinking about that too much - I do appreciate that it was done and there are real rules, but I wasn't trying to test the waters either - I was just being absentminded. 2) I feel like I need to clarify the 'ed-nos'/self-diagnosed thing as quickly as possible. I have control issues that permeate my life. In a way I don't have food issues like most people with ed's seem to (or maybe it just gets magnified because the point of 'ed' communities is to talk about ed's...duh). I don't fixate on calorie intake too much, I either lose my appetite or I regain it...but to 'lose' it I have to take a wilful step - usually triggered by those control issues. That's it, sorry if it's too long.


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