maeby funke (wannabe_her) wrote in ed_ucate,
maeby funke

Getting the Boot

I have recently been kicked out of an IP program due to apparant lack of motivation. I feel as though I was not listened to and am getting increasingly frustrated. I had no warning and was sent packing without so much as a discussion. Apparantly I was not trying hard enough. I felt like I was trying and I was motivated and was completely broadsided. There was no discharge planning, they just sent me packing.

It was my fourth time in this particular program, which is not geared towards recovery but rather a preperation for a recovery-oriented program, a break from the ED, medical stabilization, etc. It was my eight hospitalization and my 3rd try at some kind of program. It's my first time being kicked out.

Does anyone have stories about being kicked out of IP? Did you purposely sabotage yourself or were you surprised? Did you feel as though your eviction was justified? Is lack of motivation a good reason to be kicked out, or does simply being there and doing the program represent that one is motivated? How does/would being unexpectedly discharged effect your attitudes toward further treatment?

I am mighty tired and still a bit of a mess, so I hope this is coherent.

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