Anna (anahurricane) wrote in ed_ucate,

i'm not sure if any of you have heard of the advice column "annie's mailbox," but this was the letter that was in the newspaper today.

i'm not sure i totally agree with her advice. sure, her behavior may call for an eyebrow raise, but shouldn't the girl be talking to her friend molly first before she goes and runs to her parents?
and seriously, does getting the school nurse involved ever do any good?

i'm just wondering what you guys think. thanks. :)

Dear Annie: Let me start off by saying that I adore your column and read it every day. I trust your advice.

I think my best friend since kindergarten may be anorexic. This is only a small suspicion, but I have some proof to back it up. "Molly" hardly ever eats more than half of her sandwich, which she buys every day at school. All she gets, every day, is a sandwich and a piece of fruit. Then she eats half of her sandwich, picks at her fruit and drinks a pint-sized carton of chocolate milk.

The other thing that makes me nervous is that two of my other friends were over at Molly's house and found a scale under her bed. Annie, we are really starting to get scared. Do you think Molly has a problem? — Worried Friend

Dear Worried: Maybe. Although Molly isn't eating a lot, she is getting some nutrition every day. The scale under her bed may indicate that she's obsessing about her weight, but it might also just be a convenient storage space.

You should talk to your parents about your concerns, and they can discuss it with Molly's parents. You should go to your school counselor or nurse if you notice Molly is eating less, exercising excessively or making frequent trips to the bathroom after lunch. Also check out for more information on eating disorders. Molly is lucky to have such good friends to watch out for her.

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