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Hello, I haven't posted here before, but I've been watching (as a member) on and off for several years. 

I was wondering how the rest of you deal with people commenting on your eating habits or appearance. NONE of my friends know about my eating disorder. It was very obvious a few years ago when I was about 20lbs lighter and obviously anorexic, but now I'm in a new city at a normal weight  - which is why these comments confuse me more, because I look healthy. When someone tells me that I'm a small girl or I look thin, I just don't know what to say. It's always harmless and somewhat relevant, like "you sit in the middle, you're a twig" or "you can get away with (clothes) like that, you're so skinny" but it always totally throws me off and I freak out. If I say "thanks", I'll sound like I think being skinny is a good thing. If I say "what the hell are you talking about? I look like a pig!" they'll know there's something wrong with the way I think. I don't know how to react somewhat sincerely while not sounding like I'm insane. I also get really uncomfortable when people say things like "oh, you only eat ___" or "no wonder you're thin, you take such small bites (or eat so slowly, or don't like anything, etc). I'm also very picky (and have been forever) which leads to alot of unecessary commenting. I just think it's so rude to comment on anyone's weight or eating habits EVER unless you are close friends and the commenting is done in private. It's so offensive when someone makes one of those comments in front of a lot of people and I have to think of something normal-sounding to say, when there really is no appropriate response.

Does anyone else have problems dealing with this?


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