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So yesterday I received my period for the first time in seven months. I'm a little concerned because I'm not sure how I got it back.  My first guess would be the fact that I started to take my little sister's Flintstone vitamins , but after that who knows because for the past four days I haven't been eating properly at all as well as the last several months.
Surprisingly, it felt so good. I know this sounds strange and all, but I totally forgot what having a real period actually felt like.  For such a long time I felt like a little girl because all of my friends have flesh, breast, and their periods regularly.  So basically, I apply this motherly appearence to the women around me.  I felt like a 12 year old girl getting her period for the first time again and it was wonderful, the pads, the tampons, the ache, the ibuprofen, and the fact that the reason for extra weight was the water retention. 
I just felt like a genuine woman.


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