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Two Things Unrelated

I just wanted to share an experience I have had with you.
I used to be in a pre-professional ballet program in highschool. We had the lectures regarding eating, eating disorders, different nutrients our bodies need especially as athletes. Our school sent out newsletters assuring our parents that the company was health conscious and eating disorder aware. They even said that regular lunch checks/ nutritional status exams were performed.
All lip service.
Not once did I have my lunch checked, nor did I see anyone else have any "checks". As well, only the thinnest girls had special attention paid to them, and were given the best parts for performances. I can also say that as my weight dropped, apparently my dancing got better (according to the increased attention/complimenting i got)
I just though you might be interested. Any thoughts??

Second thing, totally unrelated.
Anyone read the book 'Gaining" by Aimee Liu??
Here is a little synopsis:
Liu now knows that anorexia and bulimia are lifelong companions. She and her informants have learned that,an eating disorder responds to both good times and bad in a person's life. She quotes eating disorder experts (psychiatrists, physicians, research scientists, etc.) who explain how those who once succumbed to the urge to withhold or purge food are likely to be perched always atop a precipice, risking toppling into old habits when stress levels rise. Examining the disorder from the inside (the individual) out (to the family and society).

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