Erin P. (erinstotle) wrote in ed_ucate,
Erin P.

Nausea and Nutrition

Lately I have been experiencing a ridiculous amount of nausea for maybe 2 months. Since I highly doubt I am pregnant, and my blood tests came out normal, I think it has to do with something I am eating.

My problem is bringing this up to a dietitian. I am going to a dietitian re-assessment with my ED program next week, and I feel like she won't believe me. This stems from previous experience with dietitians who have pretty much implied that nutritional recovery happens by following the Canadian Food Guide, and not much else.

I can't express how frustrated I am with dietitians. I feel like no one believes me when I say that CERTAIN FOODS JUST MAKE ME FEEL LIKE SHIT. It has NOTHING to do with fucking restricting, or wanting to feel clean and pure. How am I supposed to eat "normally" if I don't know what my body can/cannot handle at this point?

I think it is baked goods that trigger nausea, like biscuits and cookies, and too much bread and dairy. I feel suddenly nauseous usually after eating these, especially in larger quantities, and I definitely wake up with nausea for about 10 seconds, with a slight headache and an urge to vomit (although nothing would come out - so no need to bother). My mom also has similar problems with the previously mentioned foods.

I am just curious what your thoughts are on this. Am I really that unbelievable? Do I have a food allergy? What else could the problem be? How do I go about addressing a possible intolerance/food allergy to the dietitian?

I am recovering very well with two years of treatment on my back, and I don't want the dietitian to think I am still as disordered as I once was. I have improved significantly. Now only if culture & society would recover, but that's another issue.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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