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Call for participants

Hi! I apologise if this is against the rules, I'll delete it straight away if it is! 

I'm a final year psychology student in Northern Ireland, and I am currently undertaking a study of the impact low-calorie/low-fat food advertisments have on females, specifically whether or not they induce more guilt about eating than other ads.

I'm really desperate for more participants, and I believe it would be easy enough to take part via the internet. All you would have to do would be take part in two short sessions: the first stage would involve watching one advert, filling in a very short scale relating to your current emotional state, and then filling in a longer survey measuring (a)tendencies towards emotional/external/restrained eating (the DEBQ, or dutch eating behaviour questionnaire, to those who are familiar), (b)body image, and (c)tendencies towards disordered eating (the EDI). The second stage would ideally take place at least one day later, and would involve watching one more advert, and filling in the short scale relating to current emotions again.

If you could possibly help me out, could you please comment here or at my journal, or alternatively email me at ewoods03@qub.ac.uk.

Thanks so much!

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