Clare Littlebit Blue (ambtiondata) wrote in ed_ucate,
Clare Littlebit Blue

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 129 lbs
BMI: 22.8
ED: Two to three years ago I was probably ED-NOS: I was anorexic in mindset, missed at least eight menstrual cycles and dropped close to thirty pounds in less than three months, but my BMI never fell below 18. My parents had been pressuring me for a while, and one day after a bath I passed out. Nobody found me, but it freaked me out, and after that I couldn't quite find the mindset I'd had before. Before I'd hardly had to try for that fear and self loathing, but once another fear impinged I couldn't keep it up, slipped back and gained to slightly higher than where I was before anything happened. The highest I weighed myself at was 140, but I think I was higher. My lowest weight was 103. Since then I've been normal but unhappy. Occasionally I'd slip into restricting or fasting for a few days, but lightheadedness became a sort of phobia. I'm currently attempting to loose weight in a healthy manner and do not have an eating disorder, though I do have unusual attitudes toward food and habits involving it.
Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: self-diagnosed
My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Well, since I have an interest in eating disorders but no longer actually have one, most communities simply don't pertain to me and are not very informative in the areas I desire knowledge. My pet peeve though is the ratio of introduction and "I'm back!" posts to content posts.
How I found my way here: Through lj-browsing I came across a personal journal that listed this community and decided to check it out.
Questions/comments/concerns: Well, I guess I'm slightly concerned because I don't have an ED and don't fit, but the info said it was fine to join even if you don't have a disorder. I guess more than anything else I'm just excited to have found a place where eating disorders are discussed intellectually or at least intelligently. I am especially curious because during the time I would have been considered ED-NOS my actions were mostly impulse and instinct, and I really didn't research anything or make use of online informational resources until close to the end.

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