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Sun-eating and human autotrophs

I've found a few rather interesting articles and reports on human autotrophs. It is a well known fact that humans are chemotrophs/heterotrophs, that is, we derive energy from the breakdown of organic compounds such as carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. However, let it be a well planned scam or new stage in evolutions, some people are now no longer heterotrophs. We are apparently turning into 'plant like' creatures - autotrophs - generating our own energy either from breathing or 'looking at the Sun'. 

This new phenomenon is seen through Pralad Djani from India who has not eaten for 68 years and was observed on close watch for 411 days, only consuming half a glass of water through the total of this time. Or there's Mykola Dolgorukiy, a Ukrainian who maintains that looking at the sun for up to 13 hours a day [trained looking] provides him with more than enough energy to live. 

Read the rest if you're interested. Google human autotrophs or Pralad Djani, there is actually a lot on this phenomenon. What are your views?

Source 1:
Source 2:

I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Personal opinion, that is. Biologically, the lack of vitamin B12 would be dangerous. The lack of iron would decrease oxygen carrying capacity. THE LACK OF WATER WOULD BE PARDON ME WHAT? Yeah, I'd love to hear some of your views though.


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