☆Rory☆ (kamitatsubane) wrote in ed_ucate,

Irrational Fears

My best friend has recently iterated to me that although she'd prefer to be thin, whenever she does get to a certain weight, she becomes paranoid that her ribs will break through her skin. That's why she doesn't like it if people tickle her when she's thin. But magically, it's ok to be tickled or messed with when she's not. We laughed about it and I told her not to worry that her ribs would poke through. But she just kept saying, "Yes, they will!"

Anyone else have irrational fears like this?

I'm more worried about cavities, now that I've read some recent discussions in this community about the correlation of cavities and particular eating disorders. Now I brush my teeth obsessively and occasionally make myself eat something to prevent cavities.

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