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Information Request.

I have a friend that's currently in nursing school and we were having a conversation about thyroid problems and how that could possibly be what's killing my metabolism. Apparantly in her school they're teaching her that women have a certain "metabolic drop off age" where you can no longer be as skinny as you were after you hit 20 years old and no amount of calorie reduction nor exercise will change that fact.

Before you go off, she's not aware that I have an eating disorder nor that she was freaking me out by what she was saying. I was wondering if anyone had any information on this teaching phenominon and whether the doctors are using this information to convince women (and possibly men) that they are going to be "perpetually overweight" because that's just the way it is.

I will need to have this information at my side in case my doctor's appointment this Friday just turns into a scratching fight over my eating habits.

[edit 5/5]: I was diagnosed yesterday as hypothyroid. The doctor was very sweet and didn't try to accuse me of overeating or anything of the sort. She said I looked very frazzled and stressed out so they're going to try to get me back on track as soon as possible. I'm so relieved, whew! Unfortunately I still have an ultrasound to go to because of some knots they could see just by looking at my neck so now I gotta cross my fingers and hope they aren't cancerous. Thanks for the help guys!

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