Get rid of this (onthesoapbox) wrote in ed_ucate,
Get rid of this

hi i needz help.

Tonight I had an unexpected dizzy spell which I've never really had before. Yeah, I've had dizzy spells before, plenty, but none this bad. I'd be curious to know if anyone knew why it happened? I don't really know what exact details to include, so..

This weekend was relatively lazy. I had to deal with a hangover pretty much all day yesterday, but I did excercise. Not "enough", but enough to make me too weak/dizzy/sick to work out some more that evening. Yesterday, I had a bit of roast beef with the family, with potatoes, vegetables, and cranberry juice, so I got a lot of iron. The next morning, had Special K with half a banana (more iron), a crappy lunch (crappy as in, nothing very nutritional), and a turkey/chicken sausage with lots of vegetables at night. Usually I'd work off about 700-1000 calories tonight, but I started running and had to stop at around 220 cals because of that dizzy spell. I had to fall down and ..well, stop.

I've been working on that school project (remember the aspartame questions? BTW. THANKS EVERYONE WHO FILLED IT OUT! <333) all day, so it's not like I've been exerting myself at all. I'm not missing out on iron. I think I may be a little overtired... but that's never been a problem before. It's not because of b/p, since I haven't done any in about 6 days (against my will, mind you)

I'm asking because I'd like to know what to eat more of tomorrow so I could try for a good, long workout tomorrow night. I feel really disgusting right now because of the lack thereof. =\

thanks much !

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