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Got a survey for you all. One of my friends purpleplague posted it on her journal and just seems like something very interesting to do.

Answer these questions anonymously, or if you feel comfortable with it, under your own name:

1. What is your favorite body part (of your own body)?
2. What is your favorite thing (not physically) about yourself?
3. What is your least favorite thing (not physically) about yourself?
4. Do you treat yourself the way you treat others?
5. What are your goals, of any sort, for this year?
6. Favorite quote?
7. In your opinion, what message is the media currently giving about weight and image?
8. Do you believe in that message? Why?
9. Have you found your body image getting better or worse as you get older?
10. Have you ever done anything that you think is so horrible, that you would never even tell a person online?
11. If so, what is it?
12. List five things you want to do before you die.
13. Do you truly love yourself?
14. Do you truly like yourself?
15. If you had a choice of being medically obese and happy or medically emaciated and unhappy, which would you choose? Assume that both would give you the same lifespan.

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