appetite for destruction (paperdolldress) wrote in ed_ucate,
appetite for destruction

diet pill mentality

i've been taking diet pills for almost three years now, on and off, which is about how long i've had my eating disorder. i never take them as directed, after each meal, because i don't have three meals a day. i usually take one when i feel like i've eaten too much.

anyway, lately i've been questioning my mentality around this. i tend to think that any food eaten within the half or so surrounding taking the diet pill doesn't "really count." or it knocks off 100 calories here or there, or the caffeine temporarily boosts my metabolism enough to burn some of the damage off.

for those of you who have taken diet pills in the past, or take them in the present, what sort of ideas do you have regarding them? why do you take them and what do you find their purpose to be, rational or not? i'm interested in hearing any of your ideas.

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