Porphyria Poppins (ninetimestodie) wrote in ed_ucate,
Porphyria Poppins

BYU researchers use hair to diagnose eating disorders.

I just read about this in one of Boots magazines that they post out, and looked it up online.

"A team of researchers at Brigham Young University has developed a method to diagnose eating disorders using hair samples from patients.

The team achieved 80 percent accuracy with five hairs from each participant. Larger studies will be conducted later to develop an approach that can be used clinically. The development of a physiological test for anorexia and bulimia nervosa, which afflict 1 to 5 percent of young women in the United States, is important because of the inability of many who suffer from the conditions to recognize their illnesses and be candid about their feelings and eating practices.

Full article here.

I can see that it would be helpful, save lives, despite the intrusion. I know it would have terrorised me if I was still in the death throes of anorexia, it does seem to be quite the violation. I suppose you could argue it from either side really.

What do you think?

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