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perhaps helpful to those who binge & purge

so i went to the dietitian yesterday, and she drew me up a chart about the binge/purge cycle (i've been having problems with purging lately). i hope this will be helpful to somebody.

under guilt/shame it says 'no one will accept me (at a) higher weight & b/w thinking stands for black and white thinking. bingeing/purging leads to guilt and shame which leads to no exercise or overexercise or restricting/dieting which leads to stress feelings which leads to negative self-thoughts and bingeing and purging. at the very bottom of the chart she has written, 'ED tries to fix food/food behaviors rather than real problems.' this totally made a lightbulb go off in my head.

she asked me to challenge black and white thinking.
she asked me to challenge what really is broken.
she asked me to consider how i need to take care of myself to be fulfilled.
she identified that i personally have reached this point: 'i'm bingeing because i'm tired. i want to stay up and do fulfilling things but i need to go to bed because i'm tired.' when we're tired, we go to carbs.
i need to be able to say, 'this is where i'm at and i'm sad.' instead of bingeing and saying 'screw it.'
i need to validate my feelings.


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