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Thanks & Swallow

To those of you who replied to my post about the binge/purge cycle--thank you! I'm so glad you found it useful.

For anyone new, I am an MFA'd writer (from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago) who is in the process of writing a conventionally-publishable book of short stories whose characters all have EDs. I have also been living with ED-NOS for over 20 years. I 'interviewed' many of you about your inpatient experience to write inpatient scenes, and told you I would be making (as I also create handbound editions of my own work and sell them through my web site) a hardbound edition of Swallow when I have finished the inpatient scenes.

Well, I've been working on Swallow like a madwoman for the last week. I decided to compile a third edition, which is *not* the completed version, but is now 72 pages, and quite beautiful if I do say so myself.

Wearing the palest pink cover with that same fabulous cover art by Sen Haines, Swallow has come a long way since its first and second incarnations. Text has been extended to double the word count, some characters have been stabilized, some excerpts have been woven together in a most pleasing way. But this is it, folks. I will not be making a hardcover with the finished product as I hinted at before. It's just too expensive and time-consuming to do so. I will save the finished product for the publishers to fight over. (!) If you want to read the full text (close to 20,000 words), revised and ready, order your copy today.

$16 (yes, you heard me--it's expensive paper, 72 pages, and each book takes approximately 30 minutes to make) includes US shipping (whatever manner is cheapest first and fastest second I will utilize). Global customers, please add $4 to help cover the outrageous cost of shipping outside the US, and add an additional dollar for each additional item purchased.



Please note that if I interviewed you and I do use any information we agreed I could use in the book, I will post here or track you down and let you read those excerpts when they are completed, as that is only fair.

Mods, I hope this post isn't too long or out of place or anything. Let me know if I should edit it in any way. Thanks!

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