lilacpetals (lilacpetals) wrote in ed_ucate,

Finding a therapist

I suppose I'm basically looking for advice here, but it's likely a question that other people here have thought of asking/want to ask. I've been searching for a new therapist because my old one, while very good, treated mainly adolescents and was a close colleague of my mother (awkward!). Since we found her through word of mouth (i.e. she teaches with my mom), I have no idea how to go about doing this. I have a list of names and phone numbers, and that's about it.

My question is: How can you tell whether or not a therapist is good? What kinds of questions do you ask them when you meet? What types of things do you look for at a first appointment?Oh, and a question someone else asked that I'll add: what questions are good to ask them on the phone prior to booking an appointment?

With that said, if anybody here REALLY wants to make my quest easier lol...know of any good ones in the toronto or london ontario area?

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