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Ed Awareness

"Forgive me ANA for I have sinned. It has been 3 days since my last confession:"

This is what I found in another journal community. I'm getting sick of this. I wish I knew how to start up an ED awareness 'thing'. I dont know where to begin. Although this community is a great start, the world really needs to be more aware of what Anorexia and bulimia and all other Eating disorders actually are.

I feel like the words of someone eating disordered is the only way for this to happen. I really think that universities and high schools should really educate their students on what these DISEASES actually are, from the perspective of the eating disordered.

I dont know where to start, what to do, or anything. I personally do not want to come out into the open about my issues. And on the point of this message. I think that you who are recovered (or even those of you suffering) and who are STRONG enough that you should take action. Find out what your school offers on awareness of eating disorders. People need to know the very scary very lonely and very mind-boggling effect eating disorders have on a person. Take charge!! Educate the world!

I know this is not an easy task AT ALL. But I think that there are groups out there that are specifically for awareness. Maybe we as a whole should review their thoughts, structure, and programs. Maybe we could even anonymously contribute to their effort through personal accounts...

I dont know...I just think the reason for the WANT for an eating disorder is because the Media DOES glamorize it, and people hardly get a true account of what it is like. Even movies on TV have the mia/ana/ and my friend ed bull! So that is what people think it is, a cool group!

Just my thoughts.

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