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I'm not starting the Nicole Richie anorexic / not anorexic debate, but I read a quote from her saying something about how when someone gains 20 pounds from stress, it's accepted, but when someone loses 20 pounds, it's a huge problem.
My mother suffered from stress & depression and she had significant weight loss, but never to the extend of emaciation and possibly not even underweight. (She has a healthy to slim body type in the first place.)

My question is - although it is debatable and possibly can't be proved!
Do you think, or is there any evidence etc, that someone could reach a stage of emaciation or be extremely underweight (such as Nicole Richie was at her 'peak') and just be suffering from stress etc? Would stress / depression / etc manifest itself so strongly in decrease of appetite or however the weight loss is done, or would one draw the conclusion that since that person has let themselves become so extremely underweight, they are suffering from an Eating Disorder?
Obviously in some cases it would be apparent that it is a well-hidden ED (even from the person with it) but do you believe that it could be unrelated to an ED?

I am sorry if this is somewhat rambling, but it is a hard question to articulate.
Thankyou in advance!

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