cestunchapeau (cestunchapeau) wrote in ed_ucate,

weight differences and perspectives according to race

This is a complete generalization, but have any of you noticed that it's much more "ok" to be heavier in society if you're black or latino, as opposed to if you're white or asian?

think of beyonce, j.lo, and ashanti. all without a surname, and surely all with greater BMIs than their white equivalents (which I'm guessing would be the likes of jessica simpson, christina aguilera, and britney spears. I can't think of any famous asian equivalents because hollywood is racist.)

I think it's mostly out of the pride those races feel over their bodies that whites/asians seem to be missing out on. perhaps this "pride" results in a lesser prevalence of insecurities, and therefore eating disorders, in those races.

what are your thoughts?

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