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severity and other words

several things.

the background (a repeat for some, sorry): i'm an MFA'd writer (school of the art institute of chicago) and i create handbound editions of my work. i've written a book of fiction about the lives of eating disordered characters, which you can check out here. it's called swallow. you can also read excerpts by clicking either places. there are three editions of this book, and now i'm on the third--it's got a pale pink cover and twice the word count as the previous edition. read (or write!) reviews of this and others of my books here.

i'm still expanding the book (though i will not be creating another edition to sell on my web site incorporating any of the new work--i will be attempting to publish this conventionally) and am looking for stories to 'write from,' if that makes sense. having people's personal stories gives me jumping-off places and helps me formulate new stories. occasionally i'll ask to use a detail of yours in my book. you are free to say no. although i will not be posting all excerpts on my web site, i will definitely share any excerpts i write using your details with you.

here are some questions i have. feel free to respond here or e-mail me at d at yoursavedlife dot com.

1) those of you who've been hospitalized for your EDs, have you ever come close to death? heart attack/failure, other organ failure, etc? if so, would you describe the experience?

2) what repercussions have you had from your ED?

3) what is the lowest low you've had during the course of your ED? the highest high?

i'll probably post more questions as i think of them if that's OK.


for those of you who already own my book, and have read it, would you mind writing a review here? it can be as brief or long and simple or detailed as you like. i really would appreciate feedback and it helps people to see that yes, my web site and book sales are for real.

thanks to everyone who has been so supportive to me during the course of this book's long birthing process! in the future i will be taking a few months off work to finish the book and will be sure to post of my progress.

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