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I am doing a project for a nutrition program I am in about eating disorders and how they may be biologically influenced. I would love to get people to fill out the survey that I posted on my journal for the research component, but I am also interested in what other people with eating disorders or who are recovered think about this theory. So if you have the time please post your response here, if you don't want to and would rather post on my journal so it can be anonymous (in communities where anonymous comments are disabled) that would be fine too. I will post what I write by the end of the month, maybe it will be helpful to someone! Thanks!
questions behind the cut:

First, so that I can separate out data, describe your eating disorder a little: any diagnosis, any self-diagnosis, how long have you had it? If recovered, when did you begin recovery?
1) Why do you think eating disorders, particularly your own, happen? (I'm not looking for personal history here so much as general answers)
2) How do you see the food available in your family and society as influencing/having influenced your eating disorder, if at all?
3) What do you think the best method of prevention of eating disorders is?
4) What do you think a good relationship with food implies?

Thanks so much for any response! And remember, if you're bored and/or willing, there are many more specific questions on my journal that I would be insanely grateful to get some feedback on!

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