Emma in Wonderland (rechoired) wrote in ed_ucate,
Emma in Wonderland

I know that a question similar to this one has been posted before, but I've just spent the better part of an hour looking for it and I figure that posting it again won't hurt.

I have a friend who has recently gone into inpatient in Toronto. She has told me and two other friends exactly why she's in there (anorexia nervosa) and pretty much everyone else suspects it.

However she is not doing well. While in the hospital she has managed to lose 7 more pounds. I want to support her but I don't know exactly what to say/what not to say. I'm afraid that I will trigger her or make her think she's fat if I say something wrong, and she keeps coming out on day passes and I want to make sure she's safe because if she loses any more weight she won't be allowed out (which may be a good thing) but also none of her friends will be able to see her until she improves.

So I'm looking for personal experiences. What is the best/worst thing a friend has ever said to you while you have been sick? How did a friend truly support you in your illness? Did seeing friends while in recovery help you at all?

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