lifedespitegod (lifedespitegod) wrote in ed_ucate,

I have a question about weight loss after recovery.

Over the past year I put on some weight. Not a ton and I'm not overweight, but it was enough to go up a size in pants. I would like to lose this, both to feel better about myself (dangerous thought, I know) and because I feel bulkier -- like in yoga, during certain poses I notice that there is flab on my stomach that feels like it gets in the way. And, I want my old clothes to fit, so I can wear them again.

I'm not close to underweight. I'm 5'3 and about 130 lbs, and would like to get down to 120 or 115 (sorry for posting numbers, which I know isn't encouraged -- I'm just trying to give an accurate picture, so everyone knows I'm not trying to become underweight or go to my lowest possible healthy weight). I'm small framed, and I weighed somewhere between 115-120 a year ago and was perfectly healthy, so I know it's a realistic goal and a healthy weight. I know there are people who, after recovery, want to get down to the lowest possible weight they were before they were "sick", but I'm not one of them. This is weight I put on years after I recovered from being at a dangerously low weight (80-something when I was 16, I am 20 now) that I want to take off.

If you've done this, how did you do it, and how did you avoid letting it become an unhealthy thing? Is it better for me to concentrate on diet or exercise? Was it hard for you to stop the diet when you got to your goal weight? (That was a big problem for me in the past, I didn't want the sense of accomplishment and all the compliments to stop so I didn't stop losing weight.)

I know I'm limited in the diet plans I can choose, because anything that requires calorie counting and food weighing is out, as is anything with too strict an "allowed foods" list (like a raw food or vegan diet or even eating clean) -- I don't want a diet to complicate my social life again. I want to be able to go out and eat whatever the healthiest option is and feel fine about it, like I do now, not have to choose between going hungry and feeling bad because I had something that wasn't "allowed". At the same time, the standard "just adopt healthy habits" isn't going to work for me because I already have healthy habits (I exercise, eat well, sugar and fats are in moderation, etc) that allow me to maintain my weight, I just need a little something extra to allow me to take off what I put on while on birth control pills that increased my appetite.


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