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Cooking classes and food prep anxiety

This may be my first time posting here (as opposed to the occasional comment I throw in). So for a bit of background... current ED-NOS, previously anorexia. Been fighting the battle for 15+ years now but am definitely in recovery. I'm 30, dating, live alone in a my own condo in a major metropolitan area, work two jobs, have supportive friends. Overall, I'm doing pretty well, but I've got a ton of food anxiety.

I was discussing with my therapist this week how I will sometimes know it's time to eat dinner, but I'll go in the kitchen and get totally overwhelmed by the food in the fridge or on the shelves, and I won't know what to do. I'll look around and just have no idea where to start or what to mix with what. I mean, I can cook in that I can follow a recipe and I've got a handful of basic things that I whip up here and there. If someone says to me, "Fix the chicken breasts with some garlic and mushrooms in skillet" I'll know what they're talking about and can do it. But if I haven't had the time or foresight to plan something out, yet I have the ingredients and fixings for a decent meal... well... I flail. I end up eating a peanutbutter sandwich.

I get nervous talking about food. I get nervous around food. I don't like to eat. I don't like to cook. I do it because I knowI have to. I'd like to be more effective at it, but I don't know how to get there. I'm very creative in the rest of my life. I just am so anxious that I don't like to experiment in the kitchen. My therapist mentioned that at some point I might consider taking a cooking class just to get more comfortable with things. But she also acknowledge that it might be something to work up to, seeing as I got so anxious just talking about it.

My questions for you all... Does anyone else get this anxious about food prep? Has anyone here ever taken a cooking class? Has it helped you at all? What kind of a class was it? Any other ideas?

I checked my county's "continuing education" and "adult ed" and "recreation" classes. I found a few basic cooking classes... one that looked like an intro to cooking and one that was something like "cooking for busy people". I also know that some of the kitchen stores around here have classes. Just thinking about it makes me shaky, though...

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