Grace (deathrvltn) wrote in ed_ucate,

how to deal with a weight gain once in recovery.

   I've always thought that my weight changed regularly, but recently I've realized that 1 or 2 pounds is hardly a difference. Over the last month or two months, I've gained about ten or so pounds, and I can't help but be completely surprised. 

  Right now my family is going through a really hard divorce with my dad who is really crazy right now with his bi-polar and depression (not remotely treated), so things are so stressful and I've been living with a friend of mine. My friend is obese, and so is the majority of her family. I didn't think that I would gain weight living there, but I have, and I think it's because how I've been eating. (Weird, bad, hours of the night, junk food, sleeping until 3:00 in the summer then waking up to eat...ect.) 

  It's hard because whenever I do gain weight, I resort back to my old habits. (Fasting, binging mostly without purges.) Lately I've been feeling really down about everything, and every feeling is intensified now that I've really gained weight. I'm so ashamed of my stomach constantly, and I do everything I can to avoid wearing things to school that could possibly make me feel big. I usually end up tearing up if I feel that uncomfortable.

 I was wondering if anyone had any tips or something on how to deal with a weight gain that is significant for your body, or how to know you’re going too far to loose it.


 Thanks so much everyone,




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