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TV Programme on BBC 3 last night "I'm a boy anorexic" - views, opinions?

I was just wondering, after ranting about it with my mum just a few minutes ago, whether anyone else happened to catch "I'm a boy anorexic" in the end last night...If so, what were your thoughts on it?

I, personally, was rather appalled by it - from my point of view, it made anorexia out to be a complete choice, as though you can just think you want to get better, that you're fed up of the illness, and bam - like magic, you can eat fine again.  This wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't for the fact that I feel the way in which it presented anorexia, will simply reinforce stereotypical views which are held by society in general.  On that note, the programme also showed anorexia as an illness you develop because you want to be thin/look like a model, totally skipping over the 'feelings' aspect, another common misconception; what shocked me the most I think, was to hear Dr Dee Dawson talking as though that were the case too - from what I have seen of her, I guess I'm concerned by the lack of emphasis on the feelings, etc, and...ah I don't know.  I've lost my trail now.  The point is, my mother and I were not too happy with this programme - the lack of exploring the 'dark' side of the illness, in terms of screaming fits, etc, the emotions and feelings/thoughts etc, emphasis on reasons of wanting to be thin or lose weight & so on and so forth; I also felt that Rhodes Farm was perhaps potrayed in too positive a light, if that makes sense, although maybe that's just me who takes that view (i.e. those who you get who say 'oh i want to be anorexic' and see anorexia as a quick-fix for weight loss, etc, may watch the programme and think 'hey, it doesn't bother me, being threatened with hospital...it looks fun there!')

Meh.  Anyhoo, rant over.  Feedback and views/opinions from y'all would be much appreciated :) Thanks!

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