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Experiences with Treatment

(Let me know if this isn't ok and I'll remove it straight away!)

Hey guys, I was just wondering for anybody who has been into treatment if you'd mind answering a few questions about your experiences?
It's half for an in-depth issue study I'm doing, and half for my own personal curiosity as to what treatment is like and where would be some recommended (or not recommended for that matter!) places.

Thanks :) Feel free to not answer as many as you want or to add anything else.. these questions are just a guideline of what I could think of to find out about.

 Number of times in treatment:

-          Where:

-          How was the treatment carried out  (overview):

-          Pros of the facility/program:

-          Cons:

-          What happened at meal times? (i.e. time limits, what would happen if you didn't finish in their time/'acted out', was IV ever used or threatened?)

-          Released when healthy/felt ready?

-          Did you find the program Effective? (if no, why do you think that is)

-          Staff behaviour and patient treatment

-          Recommended?

-          The impact/importance of weight in the treatment


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