NING (isocitric) wrote in ed_ucate,

Doctors repress their responses to their patients' pain

The article

In brief, "a new study shows that experienced doctors learn to control the part of their brain that allows them to empathise with a patient’s pain, and switch on another area that allows them to control their emotions."

I am unsure about the details of the study but there are signs that this could be true of psychiatrists and psychologists we see too. As most studies are, there is bias and can be generic. I think there are limitations to this conclusion even for doctors seeing physical pain. Other ways, I think psychiatrists and psychologists may take very different stances as most of their patients undergo mental or psychological pain more than physical pain (depending on the severity of the ED).

To what extent do you think emphathy plays a role in psychiatry and psychology of eating disorders? Where should a psychiatrist or psychologist stop in empathy in your opinion generally? Then, for those who are in treatment from EDs, in your personal opinion, where would you wish your psychiatrist/psychologist stops empathising? Lastly, if you're a psychiatrist/psychologist, where would your empathy stop based on your own experiences and personality?


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