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______noreturn // bikinimartini

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 118

BMI: 21.6

ED: NOS. I was severely anorexic, which somehow morphed into bulimia (heavy on the binging, light on the purging), and now I'm back to my awesome anorexic behaviors. Except for I still experience the occasional binge (relieved usually by fasting or the occasional purge), and obviously my BMI is ridiculously high to claim true anorexia.

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Where to start?!
- the very words "thinspiration", "ana", and "mia"
- the blatant misuse of the basic terms "fast" and "recovery" (ie: "i was fasting for 2 days cause i ate only apples and bread, but then i binged sooo bad, i was in recovery for like a week! it's so good to be back with ana now")
- almost no one is actually eating disordered, they just want to lose weight
- people who can't type or spell or have a basic concept of grammar
- people who say "just because you're overweight/obese doesn't mean you can't still be ana if you have the mindset!" (um.. YES IT DOES.)
- the idea that eating disorders are cool, a lifestyle, or just a diet

Questions/comments/concerns: This community seems awesome already. I'm excited!


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