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hey guys. i'd love some opinions.


    Recently I’ve been resorting to my old and comforting eating disordered behaviors and my family and I feel like we should find me treatment before I relapse entirely.  I’m nervous though, because I’m average weight and don’t feel physically ill, but I do feel like I’m going insane these days. Going to school everyday has felt nearly impossible this month, and I either feel blank or so depressed lately. I don’t want to become the robot I was before. But I’m scared, of course.


 The point of this post, haha, was actually an eating disorder program I just found out about and probably will be involved in by this upcoming Monday. It’s in Boston, Cambridge, Harvard Sq. Apparently it’s really nice, but I’ve never been there and I’m apprehensive!


 Have any of you ladies (it’s women’s only, sadly) stayed there before?


 This is the link!

Check it out guys.


The great thing about this e.d program is that you don’t have to be near death to get treatment. I’ve always hated feeling like I needed to practically kill myself again just to get treatment.






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