Aello (aello_selene) wrote in ed_ucate,

Vocal strength and weight gain/loss

Ever since I joined the Madrigal choir at my school, I’ve been losing weight and this was the first time that I’ve actually gained a lot of the weight I lost back. Since my weight gain the choir instructor hasn’t stopped mentioning how much my voice improved. My vibrato in stronger, my tone is clearer and I can project more and more clearly. She’s even gone so far as to pull me aside and mention that they cannot perform certain songs if I am not present.

I’m fairly certain that weight loss or gain maybe related to vocal strength. Many opera singers, who are famous for their rich tone and ability to project, are much larger than the tiny pop-stars you see on MTV. However, I’m curious if they are really related. If so, how are they related? Or are the quality of their voice different because of technique, training and just plain talent.

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